Q: What is the time frame of hiring to Filipino crew joining yacht ?

A: On an average of 3-4 weeks is the processing time. Once the Transit visa is issued they can depart immediately, Travel time to Europe would be 24 hours. We make sure any applicants that are sent to you have all their documentation in order so that the process is expedited.

Q: What if Filipino crew abandons the yacht for another yacht ?

A: The employment and visa guidelines are very strict, if the Filipino crew has abandoned the yacht, their visa and employment contract is null and void. They must return to the Philippines and reapply for another visa with a new employment contract to be issued a new visa. Abandonment of their present job without proper processing, could have them arrested by port police, deportation and black listed from the POEA, thus never obtaining a visa again. In addition they would be liable for their repatriation fees, as well as the travel fees for their replacement. Hence, the obligation to complete the full term of their contract is very strict.

Q: What is the procedure once the contract has expired?

A: Once the term of the contract has expired, the Filipino crew returns to the Philippines for their   holiday time, they reapply for another visa with a new employment contract and will be back on the yacht at the end of their holiday time.

Q: What if the Filipino crew is not working out?

A: We will send you new applicants for hire immediately without charge.

Q: Is the English language a problem for Filipino Crew?

A: English is the second most spoken language in the Philippines, it is the most English friendly country of all the Asian countries. The Philippines have had a strong American presence for over a century and is filled with factories, call centers and other services not only to America but to most European countries. Most of our applicants are college graduates with extra skills. The qualifications of our applicants will be in most cases far more than your average existing crew.

Q: What is the advantage of hiring Filipino crew ?

A: The main reason is the dedication and loyalty that Filipinos have to their employer, they will do anything to please their employer, anyone who has worked with them knows this as fact. The salary savings you will have could pay for 2-3 crew members. The salary paid to them is 5 times the average salary in the Philippines, so they are very content with the salary provided. Filipinos will stay at the same employer for years, just imagine not having to retrain crew and expenses related to replacing crew, not to mention the down time of losing crew during high season.

Q: What are the legal requirements for hiring Filipino crew ?

A: The legal requirements are a little bit more than hiring other nationalities, but nothing that is complicated. In general, you must provide specific details of the yacht/company that is stated in the employment contract, an employment contract that is approved by the POEA must be used and once signed by all parties, submitted to the Philippine Embassy for approval. Seafarers must be documented, registered and processed by the POEA. These are used to protect both the employer and the Filipino crew from complications later that might arise. The salary savings are a far more greater advantage for a few extra steps.

Q: What is the length term of the contract ?

A: There is no specific minimum length, but the maximum term on a employment contract is a period of 12 months. At the end of which, they must return to the Philippines and reapply for theireligibility for another contract.

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